About the organizing committee

Tour des Champions de Montréal

The Tour des Champions de Montréal is the non-profit organizing committee of the Longines Global Champions Tour Montreal.


To organize the Longines Global Champions Tour Montreal and offer a rich and varied program, where the well-being of the horse is a priority, in order to:

  • Introduce the population and especially children to equestrian sport and the equine world
  • Contribute to the accessibility of equestrian sport for all Quebeckers
  • Offer entertainment for the duration of the event
  • Leave Montrealers a cultural and sport legacy
  • Have a significant impact on the community
  • Encourage youth participation in competitions and activities

Board Members

François Duffar, Chairman

CEO of Navilon, a private financial holding company, and co-founder and former president of Groupe Cossette

René Perreault

Recognized investor and businessman

Alain Cousineau

Specialist in sponsorship and public funding and co-founder of the Just for Laughs Festival

Normand Latourelle

Co-founder of Cirque du Soleil and founder of Cavalia


The Tour des Champions is honoured to have prestigious governors from the business community who sponsor the event.

François Duffar
René Perreault
Paul Desmarais Jr
Marie-Claude Boucher

Laurent Beaudoin
Naïma Moreira-Laliberté
Moani Moreira-Laliberté
Daniel Gauthier

Hélène Moreau
Sandra-Lee McBain Richardson
Stéphane Lefebvre
Jean-Marc Beaulieu


The ambassadors are true enthusiasts and stand out in the equestrian world. They embody the values ​​of the organization and accepted to be the representatives of this first edition.

Anne Laplante
Anne-Marie Wright

Benoit Bréard
Bianca Lafontaine
Christine Reupke
Diane Callaghan Chasle

Dominique Chagnon
Erynn Ballard

Ève-Marie Frappier
Francis Berger
François Lamontagne
Gabriel-Olivier Bélanger

Jay Hayes
Josée Denis

Josée Turcotte
Kaila Robert

Martin Brousseau
Martine Fortin

Myriam Moreau-Savard
Nicole Duplessis

Pam Law
Robert Jolicoeur
Sabrina Lefebvre
Vanessa Robert


Caroline Assalian

Director General

Laurent Sasiela

Executive Assistant

Martin Coutu


Guy Bastien

Director, Operations and Administration

Véronique Dussault

Sponsorships and partnerships

Isabelle Perreault

Sport and marketing

Isabelle P. Godignon

Sport and Equestrian

Caroline Züttel

Operations and

Marie-Hélène Hivon

Director of Sales

Élisabeth Simard

Project Manager

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